RESTCLOUD Adjustable Neck Roll Pillow, Neck Pillow for Pain Relief Sleeping, Memory Foam Cervical Pillow for Neck Pain Relief

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RESTCLOUD Neck Stretcher for neck pain Relief Bran StoryRESTCLOUD Neck Stretcher for neck pain Relief Bran Story


We wanted a product that people could use to maintain progress between sessions, and something that was simple, effective and portable, so that they could get the benefit when not able to attend physiotherapy, either due to cost, convenience or travel.

We wanted a product that who prolonged bowing head, sit still for a long time, improper sitting posture, stiff neck could use regularly to keep pain at bay and reduce their use of medication.

RESTCLOUD Neck Stretcher DesignRESTCLOUD Neck Stretcher Design

Restcloud Neck Relaxer’s inspiration comes from what is understood spine health about what is required biomechanically for most people in this busy tech filled world we live in.

That spine health combined with wave design and the use of advanced modern materials has created products that are effective, easy to use, portable and comfortable.

Neck Stretcher Series

Back Stretcher Series

Ergonomic Design Cervical Pillow: The cervical contour design perfectly aligns your neck and back, reduces the stress in the cervical vertebra and spine, thus effectively relief muscle tension.
Neck Pillow for Pain Relief Sleeping: Suitable for who suffer from tension headache, migraines, neck arthritis, stiffness, sore neck and shoulders, etc.
A low profile pillow: Adjustable height from 1.6 inch to 3.6 inch, product size: 16 x 6.5 x 4.7 inches.
Made with soft and durable material. Pillowcase is washable.