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💪Why not choose a pain relief pillow? Orthopedic neck pillow for side sleepers provides proper support for your head, shoulders and neck during sleep that make you wake up relaxed without neck cramps or shoulder pain, and helps cervical spondylosis sufferers relieve fatigue while sleeping. It allows you to change positions comfortably and gives you the ultimate sleeping experience.
💫Do you know the benefits of zoning design? This side sleeper pillow for neck and shoulder pain has a zoned design to keep your neck, arms, and shoulders in the proper position to evenly distribute the pressure. And the neck pillow conforms to your body’s curves and aligns the entire spine with its natural position which reduces the stress in vertebra and spine maximum.
📏Are you looking for the right height pillow? The neck anti snore pillow weights 3.3 lbs and provides two different heights size 24x14x5.1/3.54 inch on both sides are designed for different sleepers to choose. You can sleep on the side which holds your head at the right height and more suitable for you.
🥇Do you know about memory foam? The contour neck support pillow core is made of high quality memory foam rebound slowly that and provides the perfect support for your head, neck, shoulders and back muscles without being too soft. Memory foam is non-allergenic and chemical free for better health you can pick it without worrying. Additionally, memory foam retains its original shape and firmness after a long period of use.
🙌Want to free your hands while sleep? There is butterfly shape design for back, side and stomach sleeper which allows you to sleep more comfortably with your arms stretched underneath and shoulders not hunched in front of you and no more arms numbness.
💦Still struggling to hand wash sweaty pillowcases? Cervical pillow features a double-layer pillowcase made of breathable, skin-friendly fabric, which allows air to circulate and ensures pillow stays dry and cool while you sleep and its bibulous properties will keep you comfortable and avoid night sweats. And it has a removable zipper and is machine washable which is convenient for your life.