Five Minutes to De-Stress: How to Kick Stress and Anxiety in 5 Minutes or Less Using Any of These 60 Easy Techniques

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Feeling stressed? Looking for a quick and easy remedy? How about sixty easy remedies that take only five quick minutes each? Now we’re talking.

Five Minutes to De-Stress comes packed with big tips and suggestions for the speedy release of tension and anxiety, techniques that can be used at home or on the go. Only five short minutes can make a huge impact on your life by helping you relax and get grounded.

These numerous methods include:

Certain foods (chocolate, anyone?)Special touches (one simple touch can do it)Particular images (ready to go on a virtual getaway?)Specific activities (so many to choose from)

Go through the list and choose the techniques that intrigue or simply nudge your curiosity. Try them out to see which ones work best for you. Most likely you’ll find several to put into your at-the-ready arsenal for those trying times life likes to throw at us at with irritating consistency. That’s just what life does. But we can fight back. Yeah, we can. Put up your dukes, life.

Ready to get your fighting gloves on? Then let’s go.

It only takes Five Minutes to De-Stress.