Cooling Pillows for Side Sleepers, Luxury Adjustable Height Shredded Memory Foam Bed Pillows for Sleeping – Bamboo Pillow for Neck and Shoulder Pain Relief Queen Size – Curved Pillow Neck Pillow

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The Super Modern brand was born from a love story.Constantly solving problems has also become the driving force for brand development.


who are we?

At Super Modern, we sincerely believe that everyone deserves a better life. our goal is to provide everyone with a series of stylish but practical budget-friendly household items by providing a quality service. Our product range includes family organization and outdoor recreation. Since 2012, we have provided services to more than 10 million households worldwide and have become one of the most popular online home furnishing sellers.


Sam’s wife was troubled by the high temperature in summer and could not sleep comfortably, so Sam began to study some cool pillows, which can make his wife enjoy the night more comfortably .

Sam designed a cool pillow, which is a combination of bamboo fiber fabric on one side and cool fabric on the other side. Such pillows not only solve her wife’s sleep problem, but also set a new standard for the crushed sponge cool pillow industry.

How did we get our start?

We start with office supplies and help our friends find the most suitable product category for their lifestyle. As workers, we can’t think of a better product than matching them with a cool pillow, comfortable cushion.

What makes our products unique?

By understanding your family and the way of your life and work, we can match the right varieties to ensure the best service for you and your family .

Why do we love what we do?

It’s a wonderful feeling to see us match our products to the comfort of our users successfully, and we never tire of it.

Memory Foam Series

Home Textiles Series

🏆[BEST CLOUD COMFORT BAMBOO PILLOWS for sleeping] Different with ordinary pillow cover, SUPA MODERN bamboo pillow cover has two different sides. One of them is made of premium bamboo material, which enables your pillow to be ultra soft and comfortable.Gently cushioning memory foam contours and moulds to your head for incredible comfort and complete neck support. Feel gently cradled like a cloud and fall asleep the moment your head hits the pillow. Well improving your sleeping quality.
❄️[BEST COOLING BED PILLOWS for hot sleepers] Are you a hot sleeper? You get great chance now. Our Cooling technology can draw heat away from your body while you will feel cool on your skin. With cooling fiber on the other side of the pillow case, Ventilated design and cooling cover help minimize heat buildup to keep you cool. So it keeps your body temperature regulated throughout the night.
💎[BEST LUXURY PILLOW with SUAP MODERN pattent stone pattern] Details make perfect. As soon as receiving our luxury memory foam pillows, you will immediately get the outstanding quality of SUPA MODERN brand. Instead of other thin flat no character pillows, it has patent 3D zone interlayer design and enjoys most romantic pattern. The luxury PATENT STONE pattern can immediately improve your room decoration level and give you a happy mood everyday.
🎯[NEVER BE FLAT shredded memory foam pillow for stomach sleepers] Well, what inside is really counts when we’re talking pillows, especially the ones designed to keep you best support. Compared with traditional Memory foam, SUPA MODERN Shredded memory foam is a popular pillow fill to help balance the heat transfer. Additionally, SUPA MODERN premium shredded memory foam can be more breathable, which allowing your body heat to dissipate and air to flow freely.
🥇[BEST ADJUSTABLE QUEEN PILLOWS 2 pack] We recommend the SUPA MODERN BRAND Pillow because the adjustable loft can be customized to your ideal thickness, and the bouncy feel generates plenty of support.
🥇[BALANCED SUPPORT] Thanks to responsive core memory foam cushioned with down-like microdenier fibers, SUPA MODERN cooling bamboo pillows are suitable for both side sleepers, stomach sleepers, back sleepers. It provided adequate support for your head without trapping heat over the course of the night