BNRendles Ear Hole Piercing Pillows for Ear Pain Side Sleeping CNH Pillow Pressure Sore Pain Relief Ear Guard Protector Lifesaver Tinnitus Support Neck Head, Minky Dot Gray

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(as of Sep 24,2023 22:32:07 UTC – Details)

💞New Piercing Earpillow Chondrodermatitis Nodularis Helicis Pain Relief Inflammation Pressure Sores Wrestlers Cauliflower Ear Swelling Cartilage Surgery Protector Hearing

💞If you have fresh ear helix/conch piercing, this pillow is a game changer! You can sleep on side and not worry about damaging it. It serves the purpose of protecting cartilage ear piercings from getting irritated when you sidely sleep.

💞Why Choose Piercing Ear Hole Pillows Piercing Pain Relief Ear Guard Protector for Side Sleeping Lifesaver Tinnitus?
💞Helpful for ear pain
💞Wake without a headache from ear pain.
💞Firm enough so it doesn’t squish and ear stays free of touching surfaces
💞It’s the perfect size, doesn’t hurt your neck, and super comfy to sleep on.
💞Well-made, cute fabric choices, and helped throughout the heal time for piercings!
💞This is a life changer for new piercings, especially for side sleepers.
💞Alleviating discomfort while sleeping with my helix piercing!
💞It is so soft and comfortable. This will help prevent any irritation bumps in the future.
💞Firm enough so it doesn’t squish and ear stays free of touching surfaces
💞It comes compressed and goes to its normal size quickly after opening.
💞The firmness holds up after repeated use and has a whole big enough to accommodate my ear piercing without bumping up against it

💞Definitely recommend these for anyone who has multiple piercings. This is a game changer. RISK FREE – Click “Add to Cart” above to get yours now!

💞IDEAL FOR SIDE SLEEPING/PIERCING – Ear pillow with a hole is great for anyone with multiple ear piercings, chondrodermatitis nodularis helicis new piercing, earring/hearing amplifier/noise cancelling earbud/headphone/ear ache/pain/tinnitus/vertigo. Great for piercing comfort. Fresh cartilage piercing ear pillows can eliminated the pain! Suits for who had ear surgery, works great for heals from surgery. Perfect for piercing addict/side sleeper. Suits for who used to fall asleep with earplugs.
💞COMFORTABLE & PERFECTLY STUFFED – Piercing pillow for side sleeping is super soft, providing a cloud-like soft sweet sleep all night. Stuffed decently well, sleeping with helix piercing so much easier! Filling is soft, firm enough, doesn’t squish, ear stays free of touching bed surfaces, no causes headache/neck sore. If filling is too much, there is a zipper in side, you can remove a bit of filling to adjust to the comfort level, but still has enough support to prevent any pressure on ear.
💞JUST THE RIGHT SIZE – Shaped well to accommodate ear, supports head with big enough hole opening for ear. No matter where your ear piercing is at it won’t be touched. Ear piering pillow is soft but supportive, and perfectly shaped for sleeping on. Suit for putting on top of your regular pillow. Really helps with healing industrial piercing! Keeps ear elevated and doesn’t strain your neck, to guard ear piercings from irritation/pressure. Small enough to take along while travelling.
💞EAR HOLE PILLOW USE&WASH INSTRUCTIONS – USE INSTRUCTIONS: We suggest that put it to ear first, then lay down, because if you put it down first and then try to dock your ear with the hole, you will probably miss. WASH INSTRUCTIONS: The piercing ear cnh pillow/cushion with hole has pretty color, also due to its special shape, we suggest hand wash seperatedly it with cold water.